Originally floated by a private entrepreneur in 1947. Management taken over by the Madhya Pradesh Government in 1949 and became a Central Government Company in 1959. First indigenous newsprint manufacturing unit in the country.

Dist. Burhanpur
Madhya Pradesh, India Pin : 450221
(526 Kms.North-East from Mumbai on the main Central Railway Line connecting Mumbai-Bhopal-New Delhi)
85 Kms from Bhusawal and 200 Kms from Indore
Product Mix
88,000 Tonnes Per Annumn
Share Capital
Authorised Capital
Rs.125 .00 crores
Paid-up Capital
Rs.105.39 crores  
Govt of India
Rs.102.99 crores
Govt of MP
Rs.1.70 crores
Private Shareholders
Rs.0.70 crores
Major Activities

NEPA pioneered manufacturing of newsprint in the country. It commenced production from April, 1956 with an installed capacity of 30,000 TPA. The main raw materials were Salai wood and Bamboo which were available in abundance in the forests around Nepanagar. The mill embarked upon major expansion programmes in 1967 and subsquently in 1978 and 1989 to increase its installed capacity to 88,000 TPA. Presently, the Company has switched to Waste paper as basic raw material from original forest based and has thus been able to reduce cost of production. The in-house modifications/alterations to the pulping plants have also helped in processing various quality of waste paper to manufacture Newsprint. Mills is meeting its 100% requirement from Captive Power generation.

Originally NEPA was a single product Company producing standard Newsprint. The Company has produced for the first time in India, 42 GSM newsprint meeting practically all international parameters of strength, opacity, surface smoothness, brightness etc. Thus, NEPA is now able to meet the demand across all categories of Newsprint customers. NEPA has also recently initiated the manufacture of Economy newsprint by using old newspaper(ONP) and overissue newspaper(OINP), to cater to the requirement of the lowest segments of the market at minimal of cost, yet maintaining all other parameters of quality though in lower brightnesses.